New Mexico-Texas caves 2009 (most pics from Lukas Plan)

Capitan Reef (Perm) (JDW) Attenzione ai serpenti - Aware of snakes (JDW)
Carlsbad Caverns entrance (LP) Lower Cave (Carlsbad Caverns) (LP)
Hidden Cave (LP) Hidden Cave flowstone dam (LP)
Hidden Cave poolfingers (LP) Carlsbad Caverns Lower Cave chenille spar (LP)
Lower Cave (Carlsbad Caverns) (LP) Lower Cave pearls (Carlsbad Caverns) (LP)
Cottonwood cave (LP) Slaughter Canyon cave (LP)
Park's Ranch cave (LP) Park's Ranch cave (LP)
Park's Ranch cave (LP) Spider Cave (LP)
White Giant's Carlsbad Caverns squeeze (JDW) White Giant's Carlsbad Caverns strange holes (JDW)
Sonora Caverns, Texas (LP) Devil's sinkhole, Texas (JDW)

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